Bio, Light Weight and Health Guard

Simcoe Plastics is Your Home for Bio-Based Polymers, NEW Light-Weighting Additive and Health Guard (TM) Masterbatches and Compounds

We firmly believe in developing and providing environmentally responsible products and solutions.  Our offerings are geared for performance, sustainability and user health and well-being.

Our environmentally responsible or “green” solutions include:

  • Reclaiming scrap parts and runners for reprocessing
  • Light-weight additive for part weight reduction – NEW!
  • Bio-based fillers, as alternates to talc and calcium
  • Products that actively kill mold, mildew and bacteria, supplied as an additive masterbatch or compound (Health Guard, featuring HDM)
  • Colour Compounding in PLA-based resins

In partnership with SPB Solutions Inc., Simcoe Plastics proudly offers Ekstend, a bio-filled compound. Ekstend uses bio matter (that does not compete with human food supply) for a ready-made, pre-dried compound available in PP or PE base resin. If you have large parts, let us show you how Ekstend can reduce your cycle time.  Ekstend can added to existing compounds, and it is durable, easy to mould, and colourable. The best part is that Ekstend is local; it’s made in Ontario!

Go to the Product Downloads section of our website for the brochure, MSDS and the USDA Bio Preferred press release.

We are excited to announce the launch of our own proprietary line of additive masterbatches and compounds, sold under the Health Guard brand.  These products feature HDM, tested and commercially proven to eliminate mold, mildew and bacteria from growing on the surface of a plastic part containing the additive.  The product’s premise is simple, safe and easy for processing.  Don’t be fooled by other products positioning themselves as an “anti-microbial”.  Only the active ingredient HDM can safely and conveniently provide sterility in plastics.

Green.  Local.  Combat Disease.  Environmentally Responsible.  Economical.  Simcoe Plastics Ltd is supporting it all.