Colour Concentrates – Optima Colour

Concentrating on Colours?  Focus on Simcoe Plastics and Optima Colour.

Simcoe Plastics’ President, Kurt Stahle, is now the President & CEO of Optima Colour.  Relocated to Brantford, Ontario in June of 2019, Optima offers a broad range of colour concentrate options, run on our twin screw lines for superior dispersion characteristics.  Our colour matching capabilities are top notch!  We offer processing aids for film conversion and commodity black and white masterbatches.  Our concentrates are available for all base resin families of course.

We offer fulfillment of small, 25 kilo orders, all the way up to large, multiple carton orders.  With southern-Ontario based production, our products can be in your hands quickly.  Of course, we can create a custom inventory or safety stock program for you, if need be.

Check out the press release in Canadian Plastics’ online magazine here.

Ontario-based compounder Optima Colour bought by industry veterans