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APSX-PIM Moulding Machine



APSX-PIM 3D Dimensions


Ekstend (SPB Solutions Inc.)

SPB Bio Materials Brochure

MSDS SPB OH Series compound

USDA-SPB press release


General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – AsahiKasei Plastics North America

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – ColorMaster

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – Pier One Polymers

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – ELIX

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – Miracll Mirathane TPU

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – Polymax

GeneralPolymersSupplierOverview – HyundaiEP

Plastics News Sept 2017 Trends In Distribution Resin distributors push for more in 2017


Purging Compound

2017-04-18-SDS Fresh Start GP

2017-04-18-SDS Fresh Start MC-2

Fresh Start Purge Quantity Guideline

Tec-Purge SDS 2015

Work Instructions for Injection

Work Instructions for Injection Machines with Manifolds

Work Instructions for Extrusion, Blow


Foam Plas – Foaming Agent

Foam Plas (7L) Info Sheet – Simcoe Plastics

Foam Plas 7L SDS – 2016-09-27


Simcoe Plastics Ltd.

Credit Application – April 2014

Line Card – Simcoe Plastics – February 2016


Technical Reference

Shore A to Shore D Durometer Conversion


Vi-Chem Corporation

PVC Extrusion Start-Up

PVC Extrusion Trouble Shooting Part One

PVC Extrusion Trouble Shooting Part Two

PVC Injection Molding Guidelines

PVC Injection Molding Start-Up

PVC Injection Molding Trouble Shooting

PVC Injection Molding LOW GLOSS Trouble Shooting