Simcoe Plastics is Your Source for Thermoplastic Resins

Since 1980, Simcoe Plastics Ltd. (Simcoe Plastics) has been a Canadian supplier of world-class, high quality thermoplastic resins for multiple market segments, including:

–        Automotive

–        Recreation

–        Lawn and Garden

–        Electrical

–        Construction

–        Hospitality and Promotional Products

–        Housewares and Toy

–        Healthcare

From the most detailed application in the automotive sector to the most cost-conscious, low volume request, we proudly offer a wide array of standardized as well as customized products and stocking solutions to meet your needs.

Simcoe Plastics will have several major announcements coming soon!  We have exciting partnerships in the works for reprocessed materials that will divert a massive amount of materials from landfill annually, while lessening our dependence on prime thermoplastic materials.  The synergies are remarkable and we are excited!!!

The Simcoe Plastics team looks forward to helping you with all of your thermoplastic resin needs!

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