Purging Compound

Simcoe Plastics Ltd. has been distributing the made-in-Ontario purging compound since June of 2012.  This highly effective product reduces down time during colour changes and offers a cost effective method of performing routine cleaning for any type of plastic processing equipment.  Utilizing technology that oxidizes and removes burnt and built up resin, rather than using an abrasive, this product is safe, simple and fast.  Contact Simcoe Plastics for details, or click the “downloads” button for more product information.

Conventional methods of purging, such as using acrylic, or other abrasive materials can cause premature wear to your equipment’s screw, barrel and check ring.  Our purge is not abrasive, so you WILL NOT cause any premature wear by using it.  Regular purging will virtually eliminate black specs on your parts.  Run it through hot runner systems; it’s perfectly safe for the hot drops.  If you process film, not a problem!  Our purge is safe for all types of plastic processing equipment.  If you are a compounder and need an effective means of purging your lines, we have the answer for you.

We will be announcing a new and revised formulation with a new brand name!  This formulation is now faster and easier to use and will safely clean hot runner tips down to .16″.  Stay tuned for further announcements.

Caution – our purge requires special care when purging acetals, or when acetal is the next material being used in your equipment.  Please refer to the work instructions, posted in the product download section of our site, for the proper procedure.