Fresh Start Polymers Purging Compounds

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Simcoe Plastics Ltd. has been distributing Canadian purging compound since June, 2012.  Commercial Purging Compounds (CPCs) reduce down time during colour and/or material changes and offers a cost effective method of performing routine cleaning for any type of plastic processing equipment.

The new completely reformulated MC-2 by Fresh Start Polymers utilizes proprietary technology that can handle ANY type of resin at ANY normal processing temperature.  How effective is it?  Initial trials show Fresh Start MC-2 doing the job with about 40% to 50% less purging compound versus other leading brands.  Less material…less time = more throughput and better capital utilization.

MC-2 is not abrasive, so you WILL NOT cause any premature equipment wear by using it.  Regular purging will virtually eliminate black specs on your parts.  Run it through hot runner systems; it’s perfectly safe for the hot drops (proven down to 16 thou).  If you process film, not a problem! MC-2 is safe for all types of plastic processing equipment.  If you are a compounder and need an effective means of purging your lines, we have the answer for you.

Sceptical?  Good!  Let us demonstrate MC-2 at your facility and make you a believer!

The GP (General Purpose) product from Fresh Start Polymers is a unique hybrid mechanical / chemical product that excels at purging liquid colourant.  Safe for all resins, except acetal.

Both MC-2 and GP are ideal for use in hot runner manifolds, gates and hot drops.

Contact Simcoe Plastics to arrange your product demonstration, or click the “downloads” button for more product information.

You NEED to try this product!