Processing Additives

Simcoe Plastics Helps Your Process

Sometimes, resins need a little help. Sometimes there isn’t a budget for the tooling modifications you’d like to see. You still need production – now what?  With Simcoe Plastics Ltd., you have options.

Simcoe Plastics Ltd. handles Foam Plas 7L, an exceptionally cost effective foaming agent. When used at a modest 1% – 2% loading, you will see sinks and voids disappear, have lighter parts, reduce the level of prime resin in your finished component and reduce the amperage draw on the processing equipment drive motors.

We also handle FS-225, an additive the neutralizes moisture in (most commonly) reprocessed materials.  It works incredibly well!

We have brought back ExCista Corporation’s Silaplast.  These are specialty additives that assist with lubrication, slip, and packing out of molded parts.

Lastly, don’t forget the purge compound to maximize your up time!