Desktop Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery

APSX_PIM-2T photo

Introducing the APSX-PIM Desktop Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Simcoe Plastics Ltd. is leading in a fantastic new market niche; the affordable desktop plastic injection molding machine. The term “desktop” (sometimes referred to as benchtop, mini or DYI injection molding) is meant to convey our ability to provide the same production process as full-sized moulding (or molding) equipment, but with a smaller scale footprint and at a dramatically lower capital cost. If you are interested in small scale production to exploit a market niche, but have been put off with the cost of traditional tooling and production, our versatile APSX molding machine (for which we are the exclusive Canadian dealer) will fit the bill!

Running on standard 110 volt power, this compact machine is ideal for R&D work, quality control labs, “maker spaces”, small scale production, and for the keen at-home enthusiast.

Carefully crafted by the team at APSX LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio, they designed the machine for their own part manufacturing needs. Their efforts proved the business case for a scaled down machine, suitable for lower volume parts that utilized lower-cost tooling.

Tooling, Financing and Material Options

Let Simcoe Plastics develop the tooling for you – we have the partnerships to do that! Need financing? We can help as well. Our lease program can cover the desktop injection molding machine price and can be structured to include tooling, shipping and handling (OAC). Let us make the leap into small scale part production easy for you!

Of course, when you need materials to mold in your new APSX machine, turn to Simcoe Plastics for a large selection of products to turn your dreams into reality.


  • Automatic desktop injection molding machine with a small footprint (4 ft X 1 ft).
  • All electric (115VAC).
  • Full automatic control of molding actions, pressure, time and temperatures.
  • 1″ steel bar construction.
  • Precision ballscrews and sensors.
  • Touch screen tablet PC for user control
  • Precision distance, temperature and pressure sensors
  • Repeatable processes once injection profile file established
  • No water cooling line installation required
  • 1 year part replacement warranty
  • Our price $12,500.00 (USD)

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