Simcoe Plastics is Your Home for Bio-Polymers

Kurt Stahle has been a long-time proponent for the use of “green” solutions in the plastics industry (notice the background colours of the website!). These green solutions can come in many forms; intelligent building design, alternative energy or simply reclaiming scrap parts and runners.  The big news in materials, however, is the use of bio-based fillers as an alternate to talc and calcium.  To that end, Simcoe Plastics Ltd is proud to announce a partnership with SPB Solutions Inc. to represent their “Ekstend” bio-filled compound in Ontario.

Ekstend uses bio matter that is not in competition with human food supply, to provide a ready made, pre-dried compound that is available in PP or PE base resin.  Simply add Ekstend to your current PP or PE resins and you can enter the green world with little effort.  Ekstend is durable, easy to mould, colourable and a product of Ontario!  Large parts?  Not a problem.  Let us show you how Ekstend can reduce your cycle time.  Let us show you the advantages of choosing to support a locally developed product.  Simcoe Plastics Ltd cares about sustainability and our local economy.

Go to the Product Downloads section of our website for the brochure, MSDS and the USDA Bio Preferred press release.

Green, local, economical. Simcoe Plastics Ltd supports it all.