General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials – Back in the Distribution Business

Due to popular demand, General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials is back in North America and is available for your Resin Distribution needs!

General Polymers was the name of a firm started by Dan McGuire and Tom Mueller in 1973 in Troy, Mich. GP grew into one of the region’s largest resin distributors before being acquired by Ashland Inc. in 1983.

General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials will provide 50 to 500 pounds to a half-truck or a truck; subject to supply partner minimum orders. Following the example of the original General Polymers and to honour its history, our emphasis is on service and relationships.


The new GPTM’s initial plans were to start with commercial coverage in the Midwest, but that’s quickly expanded into other areas of the United States and Canada. GPTM’s coverage area is now from Ontario to Georgia and from the East Coast to Kansas City, with some accounts on the West Coast as well.

General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials’ mantra is “customer driven – supplier focused”. Ensuring they provide the best products for all of your plastic distribution and technical resource requirements.

General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials opened for business Oct. 15, 2016. At this time demand was high enough from both prime thermoplastic suppliers and small-to-medium sized users for improved supply, access, and support for engineering resin distribution. GPTM offers support to small-to-medium sized processors with a focus on prime, certifiable grades of engineering resins and compounds from a current total of seven suppliers.

We are honouring the relationships with resin producers with a focus on small-to-medium sized processors as we believe it is important in the industry.

We sell Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, PPS, Speciality compounds, Thermoplastic Olefin, Long Glass Compounds and Customer Colour & Blending, just to give you a snapshot of the incredible products available.

We look forward to servicing you for all of your resin product needs!

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