Simcoe Plastics is excited to partner with General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials to serve Canada.  General Polymers is one of the most recognized brands in the industry and it is a great source of pride to be working with them as they distribute thermoplastic resins across North America.

We offer established names such as:

Elix Polymers (ABS)

The Plastics Group of America (PP compounds)

Polyram Group (Nylons)

A. Schulman (Nylons)

Radici (Nylons)

Lotte Chemical (Long glass compounds)

KEP (acetal)

Polymax (TPE)


Mirathane (TPU)

Pier One Polymers (Reprocessed nylon compounds)

Color Master (Colour Concentrates and specialty compounds)


Simcoe Plastics will hold materials for clients in a centrally located Ontario warehouse, based on your program and logistical demands/requirements.

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